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Looking to buy a strata unit?

We recommend you do a strata search and get a professional Strata Report first.

Strata Reports in Sydney provide insight into how Strata Title Units are run, maintained, planned and financed, under a strata management. They Strata Reports in NSW also includes information and a detailed description of the sinking fund that is available for major repairs, from the body corporate, as well as details about building works and other strata records.

During an MHI Sydney Strata Inspection, our qualified professionals will undertake a thorough inspection of the unit’s records by performing all relevant strata searches and obtaining all relevant certificates to arm you with the knowledge to confidently make your purchase. These strata titled reports may be the deciding factor that helps someone choose on whether they buy a house or a opt for strata unit.

  • The last two years AGM including minutes of the meetings.
  • Notification if the Building is listed on the flammable cladding registry.
  • Copies of relevant certificates and reports, these include:
    • Insurance details and list of items covered under the insurance.
    • Asbestos Report.
    • If there is a swimming pool either 22D OR 22E certificate.
    • Fire and safety reports.
    • Work Health and Safety requirements reports.
  • Copy of the Owners cooperation policy on pets.
  • Financial expenditure for the last 12 Months.
  • Whether the Property was affected from the recent inclement weather, whether the basement has flooded or identify water issues that will result in rectification works and cost of the these works if available.
  • A copy of the 10-year capital works plan – Listing the anticipated expenses within 10 years of the date of the report.
  • Capital works fund balance.
  • Administrative fund balance.
  • Are there any special levies?
  • Is there a history of special levies?
  • The initial period, has it expired?
  • ASQB Window safety certificate - is it attached?
  • Are there any current Legal issues?
  • List of expenses over $3500.00 in the previous 12 months
  • List the State of Harmony within the complex.

We cannot stress enough, the importance of obtaining a Strata Report in Sydney prior to buying or bidding on a property. Strata Reports are available for any property under an Owner’s Corporation or Body Corporate. The above list details what we include in our comprehensive Northern Beaches Strata reports. Each report is tailored to the individual property, ensuring you receive all the relevant information available prior to making one of your biggest purchases.

Strata inspection.

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Put your mind at ease and secure your investment with a Strata Inspection in Sydney carried out by professional, qualified inspectors through My Home Inspection!


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