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Agreement for Swimming Pool Inspection

Agreement between
(The certifier) and (The owner)
A. Introduction

The Certifier is Authorised to carry out "Certification Work" as defined by section 4 of the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 and is authorised to carry out inspections of swimming pools and to issue certificates of compliance under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 (SP Act).

B. Parties to the agreement

1. The Certifier

2. The Owner/Agent herby authorize My Pool Inspections Certifier to enter the property to carry out the inspection services listed in this agreement

C. Certifier's insurance details
Periods of insurance cover
From: To:
D. Fees

The fees must be paid to the Certifier before the Certifier carries out the work described under Part E, ‘Description of services’.

1. First inspection $170 plus GST
2. Admin fee $70 with every inspection
3. Additional inspection $290.00 Each
4. Admin fee of $70.00 with every reinspection

E. Description of services

The Certifier will perform all work necessary to comply with relevant statutory requirements, including:

  • Inspecting the swimming pool
  • Assessing whether the swimming pool complies with the requirements for the issue of a certificate of compliance under s. 22D of the SP Act
  • Issuing a certificate of compliance to the Client if the swimming pool complies
  • Issuing the following if the swimming pool is non-compliant
    * Written notice under section 22E of the SP Act and
    * A certificate of non-compliance within seven days of the date of inspection.
  • Providing a copy of the section 22E written notice to the relevant local council:
    * Immediately where, in the opinion of the Certifier, the pool poses a significant risk to public safety, or
    * Within five days after the expiry of six weeks from the date of inspection unless a certificate of compliance is issued beforehand.
  • If necessary, re-inspecting the swimming pool and issuing certificates and/or written notices, as appropriate.
  • Updating the property record on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, as required.

F. Swimming Pool built Date or Year

(If the date is unknown the Pool will be assessed under the Australian standards 1926.1-2012)

G. Date of Agreement

This agreement is made on the day of

H. Signatures

Signature of Certifier

Signed/Executed by the Owner

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